Project realization: January 2019 – December 2019

The Next Door Family project, which has been set up by Slovo 21 in 2004, proves to be an effective and unusual tool for the integration of foreigners, not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. The aim of the project is to improve the relations between the majority society and foreigners, to build a multicultural society, and to create a better understanding of different cultures. In the course of the project, 1614 Czech and foreign families had lunches together.

 Are you a Czech family or a family of foreigners living in the Czech Republic? Do you want to get to know a new culture, taste Czech or foreign cuisine, or find new friends?

Do you also want ot experience a different style Sunday lunch?


On Sunday, 24 November 2019, a meeting of 30 Czech families and 30 foreign families will take place in the Czech Republic. These meetings will take the
C:\Users\Nailya\Desktop\Rodina Odvedle\Rodina Odvedle 2018\Aktualizace webu\food-1351287_1920.jpgform of a shared lunch between a Czech family and a foreign family, in the home of the host family (Czech or foreign), and under the guidance of an assistant. Before the meeting, the assistant has personal contact with both families, gives them information about each other and the course of the meeting. If necessary, the assistant will help break the ice at the meeting itself.

Families will be selected for the project based on some criteria to ensure that participants have as many common topics to discuss as possible (lunch, work, number and age of children, place of residence, and interests) during lunch and can establish a relationship that can continue successfully also after the project ends.

One of the families will prepare a lunch in their house for the other family. The families will be able to taste traditional specialties, talk about culture, traditions, life, but above all to start new relationships. It is well known that food is good for networking and a natural way of social interaction. The idea behind the project is to make it easier for Czechs and foreigners to establish relationships through personal contact, which is greatly supported through the friendly environment of the lunches. We consider the optimal result of the lunches to be a relationship between families that will remain after the project has ended.


WHO CAN SIGN UP? families and foreign families legally residing in the Czech republic. people considering themselves a family. No need to be married.

 WHO CANNOT SIGN UP? participants to the project. residents (beside Czechs) having applied fot international protection, who have refugee status, or who illegally reside in the Czech territory. families of Czechs and foreigners.

The Next Door Family project has expanded abroad and since 2012, meetings have taken place in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Malta, Slovakia, Hungary, Belgium, and Cape Verde. This shows that our idea travels across borders as an effective and unusual tool for the integration of foreigners.


This year, 6 humorously-educational videos will be created, which will bring the culture of selected participants to the general public with the emphasis on issues that have remained unanswered for a long period of time. We already started shooting  individual parts in the spirit of "everything you wanted to know, but didn’t dare to ask“. After completion of the post-production work, you can soon be expecting these funny videos with guests from Armenia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Vietnam, India, and Mongolia.

 C:\Users\Nailya\Desktop\Rodina Odvedle\Rodina Odvedle 2019\Neboj se, zeptej se\fotky natáčení\3. díl - Rusko\IMG_0617.JPG C:\Users\Nailya\Desktop\Rodina Odvedle\Rodina Odvedle 2019\Neboj se, zeptej se\fotky natáčení\4. díl - Vietnam\IMG_0634.JPG   


Also this year, there will be joined meetings held with families that have previously participated in the Next Door Family project. This activity is based on the feedback and wishes received from participants to discuss their personal impressions and experiences. The meetings will take place in autumn 2019 in the Vysočina region, Olomouc region, and Moravian-Silesian region. A cultural program with, for example, a food tasting of traditional dishes, will be prepared during these meetings with the aim to have families share experiences, impressions, and similar ideas of activities on the integration of foreigners.

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Updated: 31. 5. 2019