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Who are we?

Slovo 21 NGO is a non-governmental non-profit organization, which was established in the year 1999. We have Czechs, Roma and members from various continents working for us. Our work can be divided into two main branches - activities to support the Roma, and activities focusing on foreigners.

Since the beginning, we are an organization which aims at building a multicultural society and mainly at a better coexistence of cultures not only in the Czech Republic, but in Europe in general. Our organization does not offer social services as such. Our philosophy is to activate the Roma and foreigners and to teach them how to fight and stand up for their human rights. Our goal is also to destroy the deeply rooted prejudices, which tend to complicate the lives of many.

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Director's word - plea for donations

For 19 years we have been doing our best to support people whom life has not given much of a chance but who, despite that, are not giving up and want to fight for a better future. Those people are immigrants and Romani people living in the Czech Republic.

We began with educating Romani children and students through tutoring. To date our project “Dža dureder – Continue” has delivered services to more than 800 Romani children, of whom 142 have successfully passed their entrance examinations to high school and 150 have been accepted to study at college. This has changed not just their lives, but the lives of their entire families. It has been demonstrated that Romani children need other forms of support in order to have enough self-confidence, expand their horizons and their perspective on the world, and to become complete personalities, and this makes it possible for them to find their “place in the sun”. For that reason, we involve children in mentoring and other activities that facilitate this self-development.

Mothers play an important role in Romani families. They are the ones who care for the family and household, who take care of the children’s education and upbringing. For 15 years we have been working with Romani women all over the Czech Republic. In the “Manushe” Romani women’s group there are 227 active Romani women who need support not just to overcome the barriers in their lives, but also to aid other people in their commuinties. From the idea of the Manushe group came the Jileha project, which facilitates regular meetings of Romani women in 12 towns throughout the Czech Republic.

The relationship between the Czech public and foreign nationals is predominantly a negative one in the Czech Republic. To bring people together, to establish contact between them, to facilitate interpersonal communication, to create respect for one another, to take diversity as an enrichment, not as a deficiency – these are the aims of the “Family Next Door” project, which we have been implementing all over the Czech Republic for 14 years. During this time we have managed to connect 1 446 families of foreign nationals with Czechs (3 899 participants) who gather for lunch together, one Czech family with one family of foreign nationals. Many people, after meeting the “others”, have changed their opinion about them, they have comprehended that we are all just human beings who frequently have similar joys and sorrows irrespective of where we come from.  

Often it is enough to offer your hand, and almost always somebody will be found to accept that gesture! The team at Slovo 21 is comprised of Czechs, Roma and people from all over the world who are doing their best to aid each other in that effort.

With your assistance, we will manage to do even more.

Jelena Silajdžić 


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