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Family next door - 2014

Project period: January 2014 - December 2014
EIF 2013-18

Would you like to meet new people from different parts of the world? Then you have a unique chance! Joint the project Next Door Family 2014! Invite a migrant family and enjoy an unforgettable experience! Or you can also be the one invited! It´s up to you! Just fill in the online application form! And we will meet in November 23rd 2014 at 1PM in all regions of the Czech Republic.

The project Next Door Family represents a unique opportunity to meet interesting people, learn their stories and learn more about the culture of other nations. The concept of family meetings within the Next Door Family has taken place successfully in the Czech Republic since 2004. So far 1124 Czech families and the families of foreigners living in the Czech Republic took part in this project. The meeting promotes communication, understanding other cultures, building personal relationships between Czech families and the families of foreigners, as well as the integration of foreigners on a personal level.



The organization Slovo 21 is also preparing meetings of Czechs and migrants families at a joint lunch this year. On Sunday 23rd, November 2014 in all regions of the Czech Republic will sit to the common table families, which would like to experience something untraditional, to meet new friends or to taste Czech cuisine. A successful integration project Next Door Family starts!
The preparation of this year's successful project began in the spring, especially by addressing regional coordinators who will be in charge of successfully managing the project in their regions. They work not only to address specific families but they also communicate with various organizations working with foreigners or Czech families to disseminate information about the project in all possible ways. The co-ordinators are also expected to address local media and promote the project on multicultural events and so on.


The project is open for Czech families, families of migrants, and nationals of the third countries (countries that are not members of the EU), who are legally residing in the Czech Republic. EU citizens and third country nationals, who have applied for international protection and are waiting for the decision, or those with the refugee status, or subsidiary protection, cannot apply for the project. If you fulfil all the requirements, please fill in the online application form and our team will shortly contact you.

The application procedure is simple. Fill in the on-line application for family meetings; please indicate your contact details, job and hobbies. The information provided will help us to put your family together with a family from the neighbourhood and consider the age of family members, common hobbies or professions and languages. This ensures the smooth meeting of families.

The Sunday meeting will take place in one of the family’s home - either at the Czech or migrant family’s home. One of the families will be the host. Therefore, they prepare for the Sunday lunch visit and program. The choice to become the host always depends on the interests of the families involved. At each meeting, there is an assistant, who meets both families in person and get in touch with them and exchange the information about the other family and also during the meeting.


Dozens of families in Prague, Central Bohemian, Pilsen, Usti, Hradec Kralove, Pardubice, Moravian-Silesian and South-Moravian Region have experienced an unusual lunch on Sunday, November 24th 2013. Thanks to the project of the Slovo 21 the Czechs visited foreigners or on the contrary foreigners visited Czechs directly in their home.
All of them tasted traditional specialties, talked about life, but mostly they made contacts. The project had this ambition from the beginning. Austrian organization Unruhe thinks that Next Door Family is really good and innovative tool for the integration of migrants. The organization valued the project with award SocialMarie 2011. “These meetings often lead to personal friendships between the families. We know that approximately 60% of participating families continue to visit each other also several years after their first lunch. It is a huge success and a step forward.” said coordinator of the project Bulgan Otgonsuren Rico.
9Czech and worldwide media inform about project every year. About this year's of meeting was also a talk in Udalosti - the main news section of Czech Television. “I want to know about life in Mongolia. It is the country, where I will probably never go, so I'll get it to the kitchen at least like that,” said for Czech television Lenka Ficová, who invited the Mongol family. “It´s time to do something to make the Vietnamese community more integrated,” noted for Czech television a student of the Charles University's Social Sciences faculty Nguyen Thi Hoang Guyen, whose family hosted the Czech family.
In recent years, it has turned out that attempts by states - even those with the most extensive experience in the integration of foreigners - to find successful models that would enhance the coexistence of the majority society and immigrants have failed in some ways. Next Door Family has helped to build a multicultural society in the Czech Republic since 2004. During that time 1098 families had shared lunch together – it means 549 Czech families and 549 migrant families, together about 3800 people.



In 2012, the project was extraordinary, because the common Sunday lunches took place not only in the Czech Republic, as it has been so far, but also in the other seven European countries - Belgium, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Slovakia, Spain and Portugal. All meetings took place within the framework of the international project of the civic association Slovo 21 called NEXT DOOR FAMILY. During one Sunday afternoon in seven European countries a total of 460 local families and families of foreigners met at joint lunch. In total, 564 families participated in all eight EU Member States!

I have to admit that I was quite amazed at the discovery that the project Next Door Family exists and is being organized by the Slovo 21 association, which has been dealing with issues of foreigners from third countries for long time. I think, that project fills what we are missing in the Czech Republic, understanding of others. And that's exactly what the project sparked nine years ago that people would get to know each other together at lunchtime, and they would no longer look like an enemy or two groups that were taking space to each other. And I´m pleasantly surprised, that the project has grown successfully beyond the Czech border, has won a prestigious award SozialMarie 2011 and our media give it space.




Updated 15th July 2014


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Slovo 21 NGO is a non-governmental non-profit organization, which was established in the year 1999. We have Czechs, Roma and members from various continents working for us. Our work can be divided into two main branches - activities to support the Roma, and activities focusing on foreigners.

Since the beginning, we are an organization which aims at building a multicultural society and mainly at a better coexistence of cultures not only in the Czech Republic, but in Europe in general. Our organization does not offer social services as such. Our philosophy is to activate the Roma and foreigners and to teach them how to fight and stand up for their human rights. Our goal is also to destroy the deeply rooted prejudices, which tend to complicate the lives of many.