Women’s Group Manushe and Jileha Project

Manushe (Human) is an iniative of Slovo 21 established in year 2000, which brings together more than 170 Romani women and men regardless of age or education from all over the Czech Republic. The Group is also a member of the Czech Women's Lobby and the European Women's Lobby. The motto of Manushe is "Education, self-esteem, emancipation". Members of this women's group created several interesting projects. One of them is, for example, political training for Roma women, a documentary film about Roma in politics „WOMEN IN FIELD“ or a very successful video of young rappers "Do not Dilino!" which encourages Roma parents to not place their children to „practical schools“. More information (in Czech language) you can find here www.slovo21.cz/index.php/extensions/zenska-romska-skupina-manushe

In 2013 Manushe members initiated new platform Jileha (By Heart).  They established of local affiliates to engage more Roma women and therefore gain support and the fellow feeling, and strengthen confidence as it was in the project “Tear down the Wall” or “Women can do it”.

Women’s groups deal with the status of Roma women within family and the community, strengthening of self-esteem and self-respect, the situation of Roma community within the city, talk about women rights, they also provide education and social and legal questions. Thanks to the Norway Grants through the “Let’s Give Wo(men) a Chance” program of OSF Prague the groups were able to fulfill the wish. They have also created the photo exhibition project called “Invisible Power of Roma Women”. More information (in Czech language) and list of 12 regional groups you find here www.slovo21.cz/index.php/extensions/jileha-romske-zenske-skupiny