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We strive to promote the interests of Roma, migrants, and majority representatives at the local, national and international levels. We do not work for "target groups" because we are the target group ourselves. That is why Roma, Czechs, and migrants from all over the worl dwork in our team. Cooperation is a pleasure for us, which is why we work intensively and continuously with institutions and organizations not only in the Czech Republic but also at the international level. Join us today!
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By 2020, we tutored 957 Romani primary school pupils, 135 of whom successfully passed the high school entrance exams.
By 2017, we tutored 714 Romani high school students, 150 of whom were admitted to a university.
To date, a total of 300 Romani women haveparticipated in our organization's projects.
A total of 395,000 people attended the KhamoroWorld Roma Festival.
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More than 7,500 foreigners from non-EU countries have participated in the pilot phase of the "Welcome to the Czech Republic" project.
A total of 1676 families and 4478 people took part in the Family Next door project.
To date, 67 issues of the Slovo Bulletin havebeen published in a total of 265,000 copies, which is over 420,000 readers.
A total of around 10,000 primary and secondaryschool pupils were trained in intercultural education.
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What we have achieved
Lucie Rácová - Member of the Romani women's group Manushe
Thanks to the projects of the organization Slovo 21, I went back to high school. It was challenging to combine work in three shifts as a production operator along with training and maternity duties. However, after five years, I successfully passed the high school-leaving examination and graduated. Completing secondary education opened new horizons in my work and personal life. My cooperation with Slovo 21 continues to this day.
What we have achieved
Aranka Balážová - Member of the Romani women's group Manushe
Since 2006 I have been working in the Romani women's group Manushe under the wing of the organization Slovo 21. It changed my whole life. As a member of the group, I was given the opportunity not only to be educated, but above all, motivated, which allowed me to become a Romani assistant in primary school. At the same time, it enabled me to work well with children, their parents, and the school.
What we have achieved
Michal Mižigar - Master's degree student in Comparative History at the Central European University in Vienna
I am hearing impaired, and to this day, my communication is based mainly on reading from other people's lips. Thanks to the experience I gained in cooperation with Slovo 21, I became a member of the Czech Government's Intergovernmental Commission for Roma Community Affairs in 2016. Slovo 21 played an essential role in my personal and professional development, including the achieving of a bachelor's degree at Charles University’s Faculty of Arts.