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Why Slovo 21?
Since its inceptionin 1999, we have strived to contribute to a better mutual understanding within our diverse society. We are an organization that is open to new ideas, and therefore we cooperate with state and non-governmental non-profit organizations and institutions from the Czech Republic and abroad. We fight stereotypes while encouraging the self-confidence of minorities and supporting their education. We want the 21st century to be a century of change that will lead to greater solidarity and respect. As Slovo 21, we want to be part of this change and even become its voice.
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Issues in the Czech Republic and the EU
The Roma
Every day, Roma face unfairness in various areas of life -- whether they are looking for a job, an apartment, or they want to place their child in a "normal",non-segregated school. They also often encounter various manifestations of discrimination and hatred. Therefore, we work with the Roma in the areas of emancipation, gender, culture, community organization, and employment. We want to alleviate the prejudices and stereotypes circulating about the Roma and encourage the Roma to take an active part in formulating their needs and promoting them.
Projects - ROMA
We have many years of experience in integrating migrants and asylum seekers from countries outside the EU. We work to create an objective image of foreigners in the Czech media and educate employees of state administration, self-government, and security forces in the field of intercultural competencies. Our adaptation-integration courses, "Welcome to the Czech Republic", allow foreigners to quickly orient themselves in Czech society and actively participate in it.
Projects - foreigners
Our vision >
Our vision
Our vision is a society based on the principles of mutual understanding and respect — a society in which diversity is perceived as a benefit, not a shortcoming or an obstacle.