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December with our project Family Next Door: The remaining meetings have taken place!
The main task for the final month of this year's project ,, Family Next Door,, was remaining ten meetings around a table.
November updates on the Family Next Door project: We managed to hold 20 meetings!
November is traditionally our "M" month. We have prepared meetings of Czech families with families of foreigners from third countries on the last Sunday of November.
October in The Family Next Door: 3 Prague performances by well-known stand-up comedians!
During the month, we also realized 3 stand up performances in Prague
September in The Family Next Door: distribution of leaflets, successful performance of stand-up comedians in Jihlava!
We are intensifying preparations for this year's meetings of The Family Next Door
July updates on The Family Next Door project: We are preparing STAND-UP performances by well-known comedians!
Performances by well-known STAND-UP comedians from among foreigners living in the Czech Republic