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The Roma
Our projects support the inclusion of Roma in the majority society. We help children from socially disadvantaged families via tutoring, we enable adults to gain experience in realizing and promoting their own interests in communication with domestic and foreign institutions.
Starting a new life in a foreign country is difficult, especially when the media is filled with false information about migration. Projects support the integration of migrants from countries outside the EU into CZ through various integration activities.
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The AmariZor project is focused on community organizing and is a continuation of the Bidaripen/Audacity project, which was implemented from April 2020 to March 2022.
The Khamoro World Roma Festival presents Romani culture to the general public from the CZ and abroad in all its dimensions and forms. It proves that Romani culture is a full-fledged part of the Czech and world cultural heritage.
Dža dureder
Dža dureder is one of the main projects. Free tutoring helps students understand the curriculum that is causing them difficulties while motivating them to complete the current school year with better academic performance.
Family Next Door
Informal gatherings of foreigners and Czechs at lunch together allow them to get to know each other better, make personal contact, and realize that we are all just people who have similar joys, problems, and interests.
The Romani women's group Manushe is an informal group operating under the banner of Slovo 21 since 2000. The group’s motto is "Education, self-confidence, emancipation”, and it develops its activities in this spirit.
The Gavoro project which focuses on supporting Romani literature and Romani writers. Within the framework of this project, the club of Romani writers Paramisara was established, with members receiving continuous support.
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We have been operating since 1999.
How did it begin? Quite spontaneously. It was all in reaction to a situation in which a certain person insulted some great people and artists because they were Roma. We realized that we did not want to live in such an environment, and that it was our human duty to do everything to change the world for the better.

We know it's not easy.

But we believe it is possible.